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Permits and escorting for abnormal transports in Hungary

About us:

The company Kísérő Kft. is concerned with arranging special permits and escorting of exceptional transports in Hungary since 1994. First of all we assist for foreign companies by the overdimensioned and heavy-load transports, but we also get more and more orders from the Hungarian freighters.

Our escort drivers have many years of experience, many of them worked themselves as truck driver with abnormal loads earlier. Most of our pilotcars has a special telltale, so we can also do special escorts (similar to "Stufe 2" in Austria).

We are having for years really good relationship with the police in Hungary, so it is not a problem to help you, if you have to be to accompanied by police.

Our company is one of the most recognized companies in this business branch. We submit every year over thousand special permits. Our escort cars drive many hundredthousends of kilometers on the roads.

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