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Permits and escorting for abnormal transports in Hungary

Special permit (route license):

In Hungary route permit is needed for vehicles with gross weight of over 40 tons or if the maximum dimensions of the vehicle, including the load on the vehicle exceeds one of the following sizes:
- length:
    for vehicle without trailer 12,00 m
    for a tractive set of vehicles 16,50 m
    for a vehicle combination consisting of a prime mover and a semi trailer 18,75 m
- width: 2,55 m
- height: 4,00 m

Our company sends the applications for special permits on-line to the ministry. The permits, which are ready we collect, and our escort cars bring them to the loading place or we send them with the post. If the transport comes from abroad to Hungary, the ministry sends the permit directly to the border. The heavy-load transports can exclusively drive with the original permit, the copy or a permit sent by telefax is not valid.

To submit a special road permit we need following data:
- owner of the vehicle (name and address)
- total weight and total dimensions (length, width, height) of the vehicle including the load
- designation and weight of the load
- date of the transport
- starting place and destination of the transport (name of the company, address or border crossing)
- registration number(s)
- empty weight (for truck and trailer separately)
- axle distances
- number of the wheels per axle
- axle pressures (if you don't know it, please give an estimation)

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